Next month, Synchropile will perform a comprehensive load tests program at the Texas A&M University National Geotechnical Experimentation Site (NGES).
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Synchropile Inc. provides patented technology related to post stressing the tip of drilled shafts and driven piling by using pressure grouting techniques to significantly improve the load-deformation behavior. Such improvement is achieved as the post stressing of the shaft/pile tip mobilizes the required end bearing of the tip layer, thereby matching mobilization needed along the supporting strata to reach maximum capacity. This technology also provides proofing of each post-grouted shaft or pile, thus providing quality assurance of design capacity for each and everyone of them. Synchropile technology has been utilized on projects by  FHWA – Western Federal Lands, Florida DOT, South Carolina DOT, Texas DOT, as well as many private projects.
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